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Matthew Bianco

IT Manager

From the Desert to the Desk, IT Expert Matthew Bianco Strives for All People to be Treated with Respect

Ask Matthew Bianco how he likes his Sunday drives, and he’ll tell you if it’s not off-road, forget it! Our Services Desk Lead loves nothing more than a four-wheel-drive bush bash, which is why he’s been such an enthusiastic crew member for our annual fundraiser, the Great Endeavour Rally. But for Matthew, these rallies are about so much more than an exhilarating Outback adventure. They represent everything this humble leader strives for as he solves our IT challenges: a better life for people with disability.

Adventure of a lifetime

Jolting, bouncing, grinning from ear to ear, Matthew Bianco surges through the sunburnt red plains of the Simpson Desert. Beyond his vehicle’s windows, dunes roll fantastically into the horizon, a stark contrast to the brilliant blue sky above. Forging through creeks, kicking up dust, pulling up stumps at remote communities: this is what adventures are made of!

Matthew is part of a convoy on an incredible 10-day journey: the Great Endeavour Rally. Each year, 60 vehicles and their crew tackle some of Australia’s most iconic Outback tracks to raise vital funds for Endeavour Foundation. Needless to say, a lot of tyres get changed along the way! But no one is ever stranded; no one gets left behind. It’s a value close to Matthew’s heart.

Back in Brisbane, Matthew regularly reflects on his Outback adventures. Our Services Desk Team Lead is a master at solving problems, and his experiences of our 10-day and one-day rallies motivate him to see even the most challenging IT issues through.

“The Great Endeavour Rally takes place somewhere different each year, and it’s always an incredible experience,” Matthew says. “In 2021, we went to the Simpson Desert. I was driving the medic’s car. We raised $545,000 for people with disability. Going to these rallies reminds me of the cause I’m working for and helps me power through the day. Endeavour Foundation has such a strong purpose - it’s not about making money; it’s about helping make life better for people with disability. It feels good to be a part of that cause.”

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Compassionate client focus

Growing up in Malta, a small island nation in the Mediterranean Sea, Matthew saw the challenges faced by people with disability every day. He attended a school that supported students with disability, while his mother was a Learning Support Educator.

“My mum was a one-to-one teacher for people with disability, such as autism, Asperger’s, and even muscular dystrophy. I was very familiar with disability support, so when I had a chance to work with an organisation in the disability industry, I was very interested.”

Experienced as a systems administrator, Matthew travelled to Australia to grow his career. Working as a desktop and field service technician, he joined Endeavour Foundation in 2017 as a contractor to resolve a backlog of support tickets. By the end of his contract, Matthew was on the last month of his working holiday visa. But his drive, can-do attitude and strong social conscience made an enduring impression on us, and he was offered a sponsored role as a Problem Manager.

“This role was about proactively controlling and finding workarounds for problems across departments. One year later, I became an Incident Manager, the main point of contact throughout an emergency - what we call P1 and P2 incidents. For example, if the internet or phones weren’t working, I made sure Endeavour’s communications could still go out effectively, and I supported people through the emergency.”

Matthew was soon promoted to Technology Service Desk Lead. It was a natural progression for this humble leader, whose motto is to treat everyone the same - whether they’re a CEO or supported worker.

“Every role is important, and everyone deserves to be treated equally. When you are working with people who have disability, you must ensure they are given the same respect as you would give any other person.”

Matthew and his team of IT specialists play a critical role in ensuring Endeavour Foundation’s life-enhancing services are delivered smoothly and effectively. Quick to resolve all our tech and communication issues, we know we can rely on our Service Desk team whenever a problem arises in our offices in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

“What our team does has a direct impact on our clients,” Matthew reflects. “For example, if the network is down, I see that as an emergency. We need to resolve that quickly so our staff members can fully support our clients with all the tools they require to do their jobs. I see the purpose of what we do, and for me, it is very rewarding knowing I am contributing to Endeavour’s mission.”

Matthew makes an impact on a one-to-one level, too, as he nurtures the careers of our supported workers.

“One of our team members moved from the EFI (Endeavour Foundation Industries) worksite in Geebung to open employment with us a year and a half ago. Her improvement has been massive. She was so shy when she first started, but now she’s very outgoing. We have regular one-to-one meetings together to discuss her goals, and it has been wonderful to see her grow not just within the team, but personally as well.”

Succeeding with a team that cares

Matthew’s appetite for adventure doesn’t only come to the fore during the Great Endeavour Rally. On weekends, he’s often on his own off-road adventure.

“I’m big into four-wheel-driving. I’m always in the garage, breaking cars and fixing them,” Matthew laughs. “I also love fishing. Every week or so, I head to the beach, throw a line in the water, and wait for a fish to go on my line. That usually doesn’t happen, so I’m often just pretending to fish - ha ha!”

Eager to explore more of the Sunshine State, Matthew plans to keep building his career at Endeavour Foundation with a team that truly works together as one. He values the career opportunities he’s been given, and encourages passionate, motivated people to consider joining our team.

“We’re more than a team here; we’re like a family. We’re passionate, we care, and we work as one. I am very motivated by our cause to make people’s lives better.”

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