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Brandon Cheng

Administration Team

From Supported to Open Employee, Brandon is Making Possibilities a Reality - For Himself and Others

What does a job mean to you? For Brandon Cheng, it’s so much more than clocking hours. Ask our friendly Administration Assistant, and he’ll tell you it means a home away from home, with teammates who are like family. It’s the opportunity to learn, grow, and soar in confidence. Above all, it’s the freedom to live life the way he chooses. From supported to open employee, Brandon has flourished at Endeavour Foundation, and we are so proud of his role in our mission to create better futures for our clients.

Pathway to a life well lived

To see Brandon Cheng dance is pure joy. Hip hop is his passion, and over the years, he has spent many hours honing his skills. At one with the beat, his eyes alight with happiness, you can tell he’s in his element, giving it his all.

And that’s what Brandon does best. No matter what he does, Brandon dives right in, striving to do the best he possibly can. At Endeavour Foundation, we see Brandon do this every day - and have done so from the moment he joined us on a work placement nearly eight years ago.

“I’ve got such a good team in the Support Centre,” says Brandon, our enthusiastic and caring Administration Assistant. “I fit right in. It feels like a good family. They’re fun people - we have a lot of chats and laughs!”

Living with disability hasn’t stopped Brandon from living his best life. His journey with us began during high school with a work experience placement at Endeavour Foundation Industries (EFI) in Wacol - an Australian Disability Enterprise that provides supported employment to people with disability.

“It was exciting, something different,” Brandon says. “I learnt a lot of things. I like to keep busy - I don’t like being bored!”

In 2014, after finishing school, Brandon was warmly welcomed as a full-time supported employee at EFI Wacol. As a Line Assistant in food packaging, Brandon gained not just an income but valuable skills, training, and experience - as well as new friends. As Brandon’s abilities and confidence grew, he was promoted to Team Leader. Five years later, in 2019, he became Administration Assistant - Payroll. And in 2020, we were delighted to transition Brandon from supported to open employment.

Today, Brandon is a role model for others on the path to open employment, supporting our work to empower others with disability.

“I’m no longer a supported employee, and it makes me feel good,” Brandon says. “I’m proud of who I am.”

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Building skills and social connection

Working in Payroll in our Support Centre, Brandon is part of a close-knit and supportive team of people who are passionate about their work. He takes pride in his contribution to our greater purpose and continually works towards achieving his goals.

“The team here is just so good,” Brandon says. “We all have a job to do and a role to play. I’m proud to do my daily job. I like helping out the team. A good day for me is when all the forms are signed by the employees and the managers. That’s my thing. I’d rather things be done properly than have to send them back!”

Team Leader Katrina Dock has worked closely with Brandon from the day he started in Payroll. Katrina has guided Brandon to learn new systems, programs, and machinery, helped him write and respond to enquiries, and supported him through team changes.

“Brandon brings so much joy and energy to our team, and I think this makes us all the better for it,” Katrina says. “Being such a sociable person, one of the main lessons Brandon has had to learn is not to get distracted by those around him so that he can stay focused on the task at hand. I think this is a challenge we all face in some way, but it’s a challenge Brandon has overcome well.”

Over the years, Katrina has seen Brandon go from strength to strength. But her proudest moment was when Brandon reached his number-one goal of open employment.

“Brandon hasn’t looked back since - he loves his job. It has been such a pleasure to be part of Brandon’s journey with Endeavour and to see him grow in confidence. One of Brandon’s key tasks is to show new employees around the office. Brandon does a great job at this, as he has an excellent knowledge of people’s roles and positions. He’s received wonderful feedback from new employees and, most recently, was commended by David Swain (Endeavour Foundation’s CEO) for his outstanding tour and introductions for people at the Corporate Office.”

A bright and purpose-filled future

Always willing to try something new, Brandon recently volunteered to chair the monthly People and Culture team meeting. He’s also involved with the Workplace Health and Safety Team, and loves socialising with his colleagues after work or over Microsoft Teams when working from home.

As for the future? Brandon plans to keep learning and growing at Endeavour Foundation - and to continue his hip hop classes, of course! As a highly valued team member, we can’t wait to see what he achieves next.

“I recommend Endeavour Foundation to people with disability, and to people who don’t have disability,” Brandon says. “It’s a great organisation to work for. So, if you’re looking for a job, please apply for a position - we are a great bunch of people.”

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