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Audra Hoey

Employment Coach

Looking for a job you enjoy with a team that values you? Audra found this and so much more at Endeavour

Each day at Endeavour Foundation is wonderfully different for Audra Hoey. But one thing’s for sure - our fun-loving Employment Coach always leaves with a smile on her face. Ask Audra what she does, and she’ll tell you she helps people with disability achieve their work goals. But ask the people around her, and they’ll tell you she’s a superstar who helps make their dreams come true.

Making possibilities a reality

Ever wanted to be a rockstar for a day? At Endeavour Foundation, Audra Hoey gets to be one every day! Our vibrant yet modest Employment Coach claims she can’t sing or dance, but the employees she supports at our Geebung Business Solutions Service beg to differ. In fact, they’re her biggest fans.

“Every day, you’re treated like a rockstar. I’m no singer, but if I start singing, they think I’m amazing!” Audra laughs. “I’m also no dancer, but if I start dancing on the production floor, they all think that’s fantastic. Everybody here makes you feel special - that’s the biggest gift I get from my work. No matter what’s going on in your life, the joy you get from the people you support can change your whole demeanour.”

Audra joined our #TeamPossible in 2003 and jokes that she’s now “part of the furniture”. But to her colleagues and our supported employees, she’s so much more. Audra’s hands-on coaching and support enable people with disability to achieve their work goals and live life their way.

“I believe anyone who wants a job should have a job. That’s what I’m passionate about. What Endeavour Foundation does has a flow-on effect. It’s helped other organisations realise that people with disability can achieve anything once they set their minds to it. They just need the door open for them and for others to open their minds to what can be achieved.”

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Creativity, collaboration and care

When Audra began her journey with our #TeamPossible as a Supervisor (a role now known as Production Team Leader), she was new to working with people with disability. Yet her deep empathy, background in job skills training and strong social conscience made her feel right at home.

“I learnt so much when I first started with Endeavour. They gave me all the training I needed to understand this type of work and the challenges people with disability face. I came in with no preconceived ideas, and I think that was a good thing. I’m also someone who never pigeonholes. I always focus on the whole person rather than one part of them.”

Today, Audra is a steadfast advocate who never stops imagining a better future for the people she supports. Based at our Geebung Business Solutions Service, Audra assists our supported employees to learn valuable work and life skills as they provide our business clients with services such as packaging and mailing. Audra helps people living with disability set and achieve goals, overcome challenges, and be active, valued members of the community.

“As long as our employees go home happy, that’s our main goal. For some people, supported employment is a stepping stone to open employment. For others, they enjoy it so much here that they stay here for 10 years or more. It’s so rewarding to nurture people and watch them develop and grow. And when you see others leave to take on other types of employment, that’s just so satisfying. That’s why we’re here. We’re in this industry because we care. And we have a lot of fun, too.”

As further proof of Audra’s rock-star status, in 2019, she graced the stage in the Endeavour Foundation’s inaugural Battle of the Bands in Brisbane. Celebrating artists of all abilities, the event attracted groups and solo performers, who overcame their nerves to wow the audience at Eatons Hill Hotel. For Audra, it was a magical display of Endeavour Foundation’s mission to make possibilities a reality.

“It was the most fabulous day,” Audra remembers. “Our Geebung team did a few practice performances at work to gear everyone up for the big day. I wasn’t expecting to go on stage, but nerves hit everyone right before the show, so I got up with them. It was a proper stage with lighting, the whole kit and kaboodle, and the media was there, too. It was such a fantastic event. I’ll never forget it.”

Clear pathways for growth

Learning and development are important to Audra, and she’s seized every opportunity to learn and grow at Endeavour Foundation. She’s completed a Mental Health First Aid course, Certificate III in Competitive Manufacturing, and is currently studying for her Certificate III in Individualised Care and Support.

“I’ve done a number of courses with Endeavour, and they’ve supported me to do them. There’s a big focus on ongoing learning - I don’t think you’d ever stop learning here.”

Audra also values the flexibility she has at Endeavour Foundation, where she’s treated as a person, not a number.

“My manager is very understanding and supportive. Endeavour recognises that everyone has a life outside of work, and they support you if you need to take time for yourself or your family.”

Would you like to join our #TeamPossible and help us make possibilities a reality? If so, Audra says having these qualities will help set you up for success:

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