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Aaron Rose

Support Worker

If there’s one person who embodies our mission of making possibilities a reality, it’s Aaron Rose.

Ask our Support Worker what motivates him to do what he does, and he’ll tell you it’s the “magic moments”: those small yet profound milestones that enhance a person’s life. And while he’s busy creating better futures for those he supports, Aaron’s expanding his own career potential with our #TeamPossible.

Breaking barriers

“Could I please order a drink?”

It’s such a simple question, yet for some people, it’s not an easy one to ask. For others, it’s impossible. But with the support of driven and passionate people like Aaron Rose, it’s made so much more achievable.

You see, Aaron is an expert at breaking down barriers. Our dedicated Support Worker has one overarching goal: to empower people with disability to live their best lives. At the heart of this is the ability to communicate effectively - and to be understood.

“Communication can be a significant barrier for people with disability,” Aaron says. “Some people are non-verbal or have minimal verbal ability, which makes it very challenging for them to express their wants and needs. people with disability are just like anyone else - they want to be respected and understood. Some are socially extroverted, but they have this huge communication barrier. It’s wonderful when that barrier gets removed.”

Since joining our #TeamPossible in 2015, Aaron has helped countless people to live their best lives. But there’s one person’s story he holds especially close to his heart.

“I’ll always remember one gentleman I worked with. He struggled to communicate basic requests - it was very frustrating for him. We began helping him improve his communication using an app on his phone. They’re called alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) tools - they help people who can’t speak or have trouble being understood. One day, I filmed him using the app and showed it to his mum as evidence of his progression. She was amazed because suddenly, he could order a drink on his own, which he couldn’t do before. So, she took him on a holiday, and they had a great time. They both had a lot more freedom. It made a huge difference to their lives.”

Empower people with disability to live their best lives.
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Making possibilities a reality

It’s hard to believe, but before Aaron joined our team in 2015, he didn’t have much experience interacting with people with disability.

Compassionate and driven to make an impact, Aaron had been searching for a role that would give him purpose and fulfilment. So, when he saw a position with Endeavour Foundation’s Learning and Lifestyle team at Bokarina on the Sunshine Coast, he immediately resonated with our mission to make possibilities a reality.

“I’d studied social work and had experience as a Youth Worker. I really enjoyed that - it was meaningful. Working with Endeavour Foundation seemed purposeful, too. My first day was eye-opening. I had to learn to communicate differently, in a way that was effective and respectful. It was a bit of a learning curve. But Endeavour Foundation gives you the training you need. I think most people genuinely want to be nice to people with disability. It’s also important to remember that an adult is an adult, and we all want to be treated appropriately for our age.”

As part of our L&L team, Aaron delivered a range of engaging activities to build people’s confidence, help them learn practical life skills, and form lasting friendships. With training and mentoring, Aaron’s own skills and compassion grew, too, and in 2020, he became a Support Worker at our Support Centre in Brisbane.

Today, Aaron helps employed people with disability develop the skills they need to achieve their career and personal goals.

“It could be anything from learning how to create an invoice and answer the phone to getting a driver’s licence and learning strategies for managing emotions. We come up with a plan, and we do everything we can to help that person progress.”

It’s challenging work, but seeing a client achieve their goal is the reward that keeps Aaron going.

“When you see somebody go from not having a skill to having a skill, I call those ‘magic moments’. They make such an impact on a person’s life. Being part of that makes you feel good. It’s a feeling that can’t really be described, but I would say it’s one of the best feelings in life.”

A career built on compassion

At Endeavour Foundation, Aaron values the autonomy he’s given to explore new ideas, solutions and strategies for his clients. With respect, patience and care, he takes ownership of his role within a team that’s passionate about opening doors to a better future for people with disability.

“My manager is really supportive. I’m allowed to be creative in my role, and there’s always someone there if you need advice. What I really enjoy is the client interaction. The people I’m working with now in open employment, they can sometimes be treated differently than other employees. Helping to break down those barriers is important.”

And for us, we are so grateful to Aaron for the magic moments he creates, and we can’t wait to see his career with us continue to flourish.

“I’d like to continue looking for career opportunities within Endeavour while still having a positive impact on clients. I genuinely believe in Endeavour Foundation’s values. We all want to make life better for people with disability. We all have a positive, can-do attitude, and we accept people for who they are. I think that’s really important. We have a lot of fun, too - I’ve probably laughed the hardest I’ve ever laughed during these past six years at Endeavour Foundation!”

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